Controversy Over Slain Officer's Omission from Memorial Wall

Officer Jen Sebena

Officer Jen Sebena


by Michele McCormack

WAUWATOSA---Supporters of 30-year-old Jennifer Sebena have resorted to an online petition demanding her name be placed on the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall.

The Wauwatosa Officer was shot multiple times outside her car while on patrol Christmas Eve.

Her husband, 30-year-old Benjamin Sebena, has been charged with first degree murder.

Officer Sebena's supporters say regardless of the circumstances, she was killed while on duty and served her community well. They say she is owed the tribute.

For Wauwatosa's Police Chief Barry Weber it's personal, he hired officer Jennifer Sebena.

"It's the worst thing to have ever happened in my 40 years, her name belongs on that wall."

Calls and emails to the memorial wall offices have not been answered. The WI Professional Police Association (WPPA) says their office has been inundated with calls from angry fellow law enforcement following Sebena's rejection. The WPPA issued the following statement Tuesday night via its facebook page:

"After learning that the National Law Enforcement Memorial has preliminary decided not to add the name of Jen Sebena to its walls, the WPPA has been actively reaching out to the board members to express its disgust with this decision and to ask that they reconsider this matter."

Click here to sign an online petition to include Jen Sebena's name on the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall.




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