Controversial billboards surface in Milwaukee


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKE---On Friday, a series of billboards began in Milwaukee that question in-custody investigations by police.

The billboards call for change in light of cases like Derek Williams who died in police custody in July of 2011.

The signs can be seen all over the city, mostly from the highway.

A large smoking gun, along with a message are seen on a white background.

An example of one of the billboards: "Sir, I can't breathe." Should Police Judge Themselves?"

They are being paid for by the family of 21-year-old Michael Bell.

Bell was shot and killed by Kenosha Police back in 2004.

His family got a $1.75 million dollar settlement and is using the money to get their message out.

It's expected that the billboards in Milwaukee will get about 600,000 views a day and up to 2.5 million weekly.

The Milwaukee Police Association President Michael Crivello sent CBS 58 this statement about the signs.

"In all critical incidents, a death in-custody, police shooting, or use of force causing severe injury the police do not solely investigate their own, as the billboards may mislead; rather in all cases a concurrent investigation between the District Attorney and his investigators and the investigators of the Police department takes place."


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