Competing Milwaukee DJs join forces to record anti-violence message


by Lane Kimble

MILWAUKEE -- You usually think of competing radio stations as being that -- competitors.  But Thursday, three competing Milwaukee DJs came together to send one message: the violence needs to stop.

Reggie Brown from FM 100.7, Earl Stokes from Jammin' 98.3 and Homer Blow from WNOV radio joined forces behind the mic.

They recorded public services messages directed at people who live in and around Milwaukee.  All three grew up in the city and say they can't stand the violent summer we've had.

Blow, who grew up on 27th and Locust, knew sending this kind of message was long overdue.

"We have [their] ears," Blow said.  "To know that it was important enough for us to say, 'Hey, put down the competition banner... Let's come together.  We have to deal with this issue."

Jammin' 98's brand manager Lauri Jones came up with the idea.  She expected to have to convince the three DJs to do it, but instead says they all agreed immediately. 

You'll hear the messages on all three stations soon.


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