Community working to get lights and cameras in Atkinson Park


by Britni McDonald

MILWAUKEE---Associated Banks in the Milwaukee area have set up an account for a project that would install security cameras in Atkinson Park.

Residents who frequent the park have expressed concern over the amount of violence in the area.

After 40 rounds were fired into Atkinson Park, hitting five and killing 22-year-old Alexander Cross while he was playing basketball back in September, the community is calling for a change.

The Peace for Change Alliance is working alongside the city, police and family of Alexander Cross to help the community feel safe in the park.

"What we want to do is put security cameras around the park," Tracy Dent the President of the Peace for Change Alliance explained. "We can identify who the culprits are, and the cameras can help identify that and help bring those criminals to justice."

A fundraiser kicked off this week in hopes of raising $3,000. If the money is raised, the city has agreed to match and it and get the security cameras in place.

Also in the works is the installment of new light fixtures in the park.

"It's supposed to be a safe place for children to come play and I think getting those security cameras there would make a great big difference, " Minnie Cross, Alexander's aunt explained.

The Peace for Change Alliance hopes to raise the money for the security cameras by Christmas.


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