Coalition demands investigation into MPD practices


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE---A coalition of community groups in Milwaukee are demanding a broad investigation into the Milwaukee Police Department’s patterns and practices.

Milwaukee Justice Coalition made their plea to reporters in front of the federal courthouse downtown, before submitting their own evidence to the US Department of Justice.

“We want a commitment from our government that we pay taxes for, a commitment from our government to bring Milwaukee into that fold of investigation,” said George Martin of Peace Action Wisconsin.

The group claims there are gangs within the Milwaukee Police Department and minorities are treated unfairly during traffic stops, among other things.

The Department of Justice is already considering a broader patterns and practices investigation of MPD which would be a civil action separate from any criminal probes.

In a statement sent to CBS 58 a spokesperson for the Milwaukee Police Department said "The Milwaukee Police Department has, and continues to cooperate with the F.B.I. and the U.S. Attorney's Office during this process."


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