Coach McCarthy Press Conference


by Michele McCormack

GREEN BAY---"This is the NFL, you're not owed anything," said Packers Coach Mike McCarthy about the call that cost his team the game.

He was paraphrasing former Bears Coach Mike Ditka when asked by a reporter Tuesday what he thinks the NFL should do in response to what many experts call a blown call that ended with a Packers loss.

"Clearly it was an interception," the coach said of the play that was called by a replacement referee as a touchdown. After video review, the call was upheld.

Another referee on the field, however, had called it as an interception.

"I feel for the players," McCarthy went on. "They're emotional and that's understandable. We need to channel our energy towards New Orleans."

McCarthy commented on the fans who held up signs outside Lambeau.

"To see this fan passion, support for what we're fighting through, this is another challenge. We need that support."


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