Clay Matthews fined by the NFL

for late hit on Colin Kaepernick


by Michele McCormack
by Early Arms

GREEN BAY-The National Football League handed down a $15,000 fine to Packers Linebacker Clay Matthews Friday.

Matthews got caught up in a war of words with 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh along with QB Kaepernick.

Before the game, Matthews said he wanted to send the message that the Packers are a tough defense, but the late hit last Sunday started a fight on the field and then the 49ers went on to score the very next play and go on to win the game.

Matthews would later say it was not a smart play but insisted he was not a dirty player.

Fullback John Kuhn who was a teammate of Matthews' for five seasons with the Packers says Matthews was just playing football.

"When you're trying to establish toughness against a tough team and really be physical with the quarterback who runs with the football, it's a bang bang play," said Kuhn, "It's right at the sideline. Clay's not a dirty player. I think most people know that. We want him to play aggressive."

Hear more from Kuhn and insight on the Packers leading up to the Sunday game with Washington on "Green Bay Nation" this Sunday morning at 10 a.m. on CBS 58.


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