Classmates Try to Repair Image After West Allis Teen Dies



by WDJT Editor

WEST ALLIS -- Classmates of Corey Stingley, 16, try to repair the teenager's image and bring his memory honor. Stingley died after being retrained by adults who thought he was shoplifting.

"Corey was a great guy. It brought a tear to my eye when I found out he was gone," says Sam Lustig who competed on Nathan Hale High School Dive Team with Stingley.

Stingley's death stems from an incident in mid-December at VJ's Food Market at 92nd and Schlinger in West Allis, a few blocks from Stingley's home. The teenager was accused of shoplifting. Three adults in the store took notice and restrained him until police arrived.

Officers say when they found Stingley, he was not breathing. The teen was eventually revived and put on life support but passed away from brain injuries on Saturday.

It came as a huge disappointment for friends and classmates at Nathan Hale High School. "The principal had a big announcement about Corey and the family and how things were doing. We could go talk to a counselor if we wanted to to get it off our mind," says Nick Oberlander who had class with Stingley.

Students had been rooting for a his recovery ever since Stingley went the to hospital. Lustig says hundreds of kids wore bandanas in his honor. "That was his thing, to wear bandanas to school and that's what everyone knew him as."

"I know that everyone will remember him. We are all sad and we hope the family is doing ok," says Oberlander.

Stingley's father, Craig Stingley declined to comment on any history his son had in regards to shoplifting. He says his son was healthy and in good shape so he believes the adults involved used unnecessary force and essentially, "choked the life out of him."

The case is now in the hands of the district attorney's office. West Allis Police say the three adults involved were taken to the police station for questioning.









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