City says don't drink and pedal


by WDJT Assignment Desk

MILWAUKEE---You may have seen the tavern on wheels with passengers slowly pedaling through Milwaukee’s streets and stopping at area bars.

The owners of Milwaukee Pedal Tavern have gotten so much business they want to add a fifth commercial quadracycle to their fleet.

“We’ve had 33,000 riders,” said Co-Owner Derek Collins. “No one’s fallen off, we’ve had zero injuries. [It’s] a very safe and fun vehicle. It’s definitely a good thing to do in Milwaukee and people love it.”

Not everyone loves it.

“I thought this pedal tavern thing was a bad idea from the first day and an accident waiting to happen,” said Third Ward Caffe Owner Randy Nelson. “After seeing it in action for two years now I’m definitely convinced it’s a bad idea.”

Nelson is concerned about safety as well as the garbage and noise, he said the vehicle brings to the Third Ward.

“These people on these taverns are totally inebriated they’re drunk out of their minds,” he said. “You can hear them three blocks away yelling and screaming before you can even see them.”

Collins said they have changed routes and times to address concerns.

Thursday city officials told the owners of Milwaukee Pedal Tavern that they cannot allow passengers to consume alcohol on board any more. City attorneys said it’s always been a violation of state law.

“If you have a 16 passenger vehicle and a chauffeur you’re able to bring beer on board and we felt that we were under that law,” explained Collins. “It turns out, because we are a green company and we have no actual motor that the city decided we did not fall into that law.”

Collins said they had a cancellation since they learned of the violation. They plan to continue the rides and in the meantime work with state representatives to attempt to change the law.


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