City and County prepare for hot weather


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- The city and county activated heat plans late Tuesday afternoon.  Milwaukee County  wants people to know there are places to stay cool. 

Cooling centers are available throughout the area  some at community centers, senior centers, county parks and pools.  None of them were open for extended periods Tuesday.

Many of the centers will have extended hours as the heat moves in tomorrow and thursday.

Officials want people to check on elderly friends, family, and neighbors.

The hot weather made a group of friends head to the park for volleyball.

"You got to accept it, you're in Wisconsin, it's up and down weather. You enjoy the fall, the winter, the spring, enjoy it while you can."

Even as they enjoy it, they know not to take it too far.

"A lot of water. And if you get too hot, just sit and rest in the shade."

Milwaukee County say it'll release more information about cooling centers Wednesday.


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