UPDATE: Obama Banner at Polling Station


by WDJT Assignment Desk
by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE---The Government Accountability Board is telling Milwauee media that a Barack Obama banner outside a polling station is not illegal.

The Romney campaign e-mailed a photo from a Milwaukee polling station Tuesday showing a Barack Obama banner prominently displayed on the front.

The location is formerly known as Custer High School.

CBS 58 News started asking questions and learned the banner is for the Barack Obama Elementary School located in the building.

Still, the city's election commission says the city attorney has been made aware of inquiries from the media based on the photo's publication. In their words the city attorney was investigating.

An election official at the school tell CBS 58's Shari Dunn that it is an affixed banner for the school not a political statement.

It has been there since the school was formed in the spring of 2011.


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