Four-year-old boy hit by car near 19th and State Street


by Matt Doyle
by Jesse Tovar

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police are investigating a traffic crash that occurred in the 1900 Block of W. State Street at around 1 p.m. today. A four-year-old boy was struck by a westbound by a car when he darted into traffic in between parked cars.

Small shoes and other items sitting in the road where the boy was presumably hit.

Witnesses say he darted into traffic and the driver tried to avoid him but couldn't.

"He ran right out there and the car hit him," Malique McGowen, who lives right where it happened, said.  "His little body flipped in the air and hit the ground and came down on his head."

"The lady tried to stop and not hit the little boy," Elliah Thomas said.  "But she end up because she was in motion ended up actually hitting him.  He flew like a good ten feet in the air and then smacked on the pavement."

Witnesses say the child was seen leaving Pick and Choose Foods, a local convenience store, when he was hit by a car while crossing. The 47-year-old female driver from Milwaukee remained on the scene. The child was conveyed to a local hospital where he is in stable condition. 

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