Child Heroes


SHEBOYGAN - A television show helped save the life of a Sheboygan mother. Kandace Seyferth was having a severe asthma attack a week ago in her Sheboygan home when she passed out and stopped breathing. It happened in front of her 10 year old daughter Maddie Kestell and her friend Katlynn Vreeke. The two girls were scared at first, but called 9-1-1. The dispatcher asked them if they knew how to perform C.P.R. and they confidently said yes. One girl did chest compressions while the other breathed air into Kandace's mouth. They did that until paramedics arrived four minutes later. Maddie was asked how she knew how to perform the life saving maneuver and she said by watching the show Grey's Anatomy with her mom. Kandace was released from the hospital and is now doing well. CBS 58's Keith Meka has more.


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