Chief Flynn to Tesitfy on Gun Control

Assault Weapons Ban Hearing on Wednesday


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Police Chief Ed Flynn is on the list of panelists set to testify Wednesday  about a proposed ban on more than 150 semi automatic rifles.

The hearing is before a Senate Judiciary Committee.

Chief Flynn spoke at length with CBS 58 anchor Michele McCormack about legislation that would ban certain semi-automatic rifles and limit ammo capacity of magazines.

"Right now any significant legislation going forward is largely symbolic," Flynn said, "  Now it symbolizes the country's willingness to confront this issue, but the fact is there are millions of guns out there right now. What I'd like us to start to do is entertain a political discussion that's really organized around thoughtful problem solving. The problem right now is that we're not having a discussion, we're having an argument."

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