Chief Flynn discusses calls for his resignation


by Keith Meka

MILWAUKEE - Police Chief Ed Flynn sat down with CBS 58 to discuss recent incidents that have damaged the department's reputation with the public.

On Tuesday four officers were charged with illegal strip searches. They're accused of performing body cavity searches in the street on drug suspects.

Chief Flynn also addressed the shooting death of teenager Darius Simmons. The victim's mother witnessed the crime and was kept from her dying son so detectives could get a statement from her. Chief Flynn says the department dropped the ball in the case. Detectives put professional responsibilities in front of humanitarian responsibilities.

The Chief also discussed the Derek Williams case. Video recently surfaced of Williams saying he couldn't breathe in the back seat of a squad car. Officers didn't believe him and Williams died.

Chief Flynn says the department hadn't dealt with some of these situations before and mistakes were made. The Chief says the department will learn from the mistakes to make sure they never happen again. He also says new policies and procedures are also being put in place to avoid future problems.

There have been calls for Chief Flynn to resign. He says he intends to complete his term and adds he and the department are committed to regaining the public's trust.


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