Chemical response team launches investigation in Slinger


by Elizabeth Fay

SLINGER -- An emergency response is now underway in Slinger after some chemicals were found in an abandoned building.

EPA is leading this response at a former metal coating company.

They've taped off the area and we were told that trained professionals will soon suit up head to toe and start sampling the chemicals.

There are about 30 to 40 drums and small containers filled with chemicals.

According to the EPA on site coordinator, the chemicals are acid cyanide and costics which are hazardous.

They were left over when the company went bankrupt two years ago.

On Tuesday someone who went inside the building got sick, which is what prompted the investigation.

Contractors will start sampling the contents before they are analyzed.

The preliminary testing shows there is no immediate threat to the public, but that could change.

“There's a potential but if something spilled they could be at risk but we are here," said EPA on site coordinator Jaime Brown. "Right now conducting this emergency response action to ensure that they're not at risk. We're trying to eliminate that risk right now.”

The EPA expects to find out what the chemicals actually are by early next week then contractors will work to safely remove the chemicals.

That removal is troubling because the building is near a number of schools.


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