Cardinal Dolan talks about Pope Benedict's resignation

Is Milwaukee's former archbishop a contender to succeed Pope Benedict?


by Mike Strehlow

Milwaukee--We knew him here in Milwaukee as Archbishop, and in New York they call him Cardinal.  So how does "Pope" Timothy Dolan sound?

Ever since Dolan left Milwaukee for New York four years ago, there's been talk about the charismatic Catholic leader someday being elevated to the Papacy.

"I think the Italian cardinals will think differently of that.  Perhaps they would like the papacy back," Georgetown University Professor Chester Gillis told CBS This Morning.  "But certainly Cardinal Dolan, who knows Rome very well, is known well and is very popular, is a possibility," Gillis said.

Even though the church historically has steered clear of electing a pope from a superpower country, Cardinal Dolan shares Pope Benedict's conservative values and is well-known around the world.  Still, many believe he is a longshot to succeed Benedict at the Vatican.

The man who took over for Dolan in Milwaukee had this to say about his predecessor's chances.

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki said "You never try to out think the Holy Spirit.  So if the Holy Spirit wants someone, it will be done, it will happen.":






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