Calls to oust police chief reach commission


MILWAUKEE---Police Chief Ed Flynn heard calls for his resignation because of the Derek Williams case for a second straight night.

Recently released video from July 2011 shows Williams pleading for help in the back of a squad car because he couldn't breathe. He had been arrested on suspicion of robbery. Williams later died.

On Thursday night at the Fire and Police Commission meeting, Williams' loved ones and others got emotional and once again called for the chief to quit.

“They killed my baby okay, they killed my nephew,” said Williams' aunt, Maeleen Jordan.

Chief Flynn said he intends to complete his four year term.

“The most important thing is performance over time I’ve got a firm grip on the police department, I’ve got a firm grip on anti-crime strategies as well as our community relations approaches," he said. "I recognize there are a few difficult issues percolating about right now, I intend to deal with them in the term.”


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