Brown Deer Police Chief Speaks Out About Salon Shooter


by Michele McCormack
by Mike Strehlow

BROWN DEER---Police had half a dozen run ins with the Brookfield salon shooter over a 9 year span.

But, it's their actions during a standoff with Radcliffe Haughton in January of last year that are coming under fire.

CBS 58's Mike Strehlow asked Chief Steven Rinzel Wednesday why Haughton was not arrested when an officer reported seeing him point what looked like a gun at his wife while she was talking with police.

Chief Rinzel said at the time, they couldn't be sure if Haughton actually had a gun.

The chief went on to explain that even though Zina Haughton, had called 911 saying she'd been in a fight and police needed to hurry, once the officers arrived she said she did not fear for her safety.

Police also found no firearms inside the home.

Rinzel said his officers are trained to know that domestic violence victims sometimes refuse to cooperate with police because they fear retaliation.

But, he believes that the officers made the right call that night by leaving the scene without placing Radcliffe Haughton into custody.


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