Brookfield neighborhood gets hit with three burglaries early Thursday morning


by Matt Doyle

Brookfield -- Brookfield Police think the string of between five and seven burglaries are related.  The suspects get in through unlocked doors or windows.  Three of the burglary attempts happened early Thursday morning.

 "They woke up to someone in their garage," Samantha Steinle said.

Steinle describes what her neighbor encountered Thursday morning. 

"It's a concern with the children," she said.   "You don't want to wake up to someone breaking into your home when you have little kids at home."

Brookfield Police swarmed Fox Hollow Run just South of North Avenue around 3:30 Thursday morning. 

Suspects tried to enter three different homes on the street.  They're looking for cash, credit cards, or electronics.

"The suspect gained entry through an unlocked patio door," Brookfield Police Captain Phil Horter said.   "And then twice through the garage after entering unlocked vehicles in the driveway and using the garage door openers."

After hearing one of their neighbors encountered a burglar face-to-face this morning many people on this quiet Brookfield street are starting to think about what they would do in that situation.

"Very nerve-wracking," Tammy Koremenos said.  "Now I guess I'll have to rethink it. Take precautions. Maybe call the Brookfield Police and get some tips about how to handle something like that."

"Right now we're just kind of going through and double-checking the locks on the house," Steinle said.  "We know a few improvements we should make. We're going to get to those probably a lot quicker than we were going to get to them."

Brookfield Police believe two people are connected to these incidents.  They used a stolen credit card from the initial burglary two weeks ago at a West Milwaukee Walmart to buy steaks.

"It's not too often we get burglaries to occupied residences so I think it's a high probability that these burglaries are related," Horter said.


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