Former Milwaukee alderman talks about attempted bribery for liquor license


by Keith Meka

MILWAUKEE -- A former Alderman makes a shocking claim against a local businessman at a license committee meeting. Jim Witkowiak served 16 years on the Common Council. He testified last week about an incident in January of 2011 while he was still in office.

He said he went to lunch with businessman Inderjeet Dhillon. When it was over, Dhillon kept trying to hand him a sealed thick business envelope. Witkowiak says Dhillon shoved it in his pocket as he left. The former Alderman said he took it to his car and called the FBI. Agents opened the sealed envelope and pulled out 25-hundred dollars in cash.

The FBI put a recording device on Witkowiak's phone. Witkowiak called Dhillon and asked what the money was for. Dhillon allegedly responded that he wanted Witkowiak's help in getting a liquor license for his business on 6th and Becher. We tried to reach Dhillon for comment, but he was unavailable.  The F.B.I. said it could not comment on this case.



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