Brewers owner expects more direct apology from Ryan Braun to community

Mark Attanasio says Braun is under some restrictions

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MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 11: New owner Mark Attanasio of the Milwaukee Brewers, approved for ownship on January 13, 2005, takes in his first opening day game between the Brewers and the Pittsburg Pirates on April 11, 2005 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Brewers defeated the Pirates 6-2. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-It came as a bit of surprise to those watching the Brewers game on Wednesday night.

Team owner Mark Attanasio opening up about who knew what when in regards to the Ryan Braun suspension and if he thinks the slugger will eventually give more details about his use of PED's and attempts to allegedly cover it up.

"Obviously I'm disappointed in Ryan. He has apologized directly to me. I think in varying ways he's made apologies. And I expect at some point when he's ready to speak with more detail to apologize more directly to the community.

I think he should be given the opportunity to redeem himself. But he needs to earn everybody's trust back and that's going to take some time. Baseball is in the middle of an investigation that is somewhat wide ranging and he's under some restrictions as a result of that.  And I don't know if that's been carefully vetted in the media.

So there are things he actually can't talk about at this point. I would expect at some point there would be an agreement between him and major league baseball on when he can come forward and then do well."

When asked if he pressed Braun for information when media reports first surfaced months ago linking Braun to the now defunct Biogenensis clinic in Miami, Attanasio said this:

"It wasn't a question of avoiding it wasn't really topical when he went in for questioning I wasn't aware, the team was in Pittsburgh, I didn't know he was going in.

And I did not know he was negotiating a settlement with Major League Baseball. Under the joint drug policy we're all kind of kept in the dark.

We take our responsibility to the organization and community seriously but  we pretty much found out about this about an hour before everybody else did."

Braun is suspended for the rest of the season.



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