Bra ban too hot for city hall


by WDJT Graphics

MILWAUKEE-- A firestorm of controversy was brewing, but the Holler House tavern can now hang their bras back up. 

Until recently, the south side bar has had brassieres hanging from the rafters.  Marcy Skowronski, the 87-year-old owner, says the tradition is decades old.  "The first time girls come in here, they take them (their bras) off, they sign them, and hang 'em up," Skowronski said.  

Today the bras had been taken down.  An inspector for Milwaukee's Department of Neighborhood Services decided the bras violated fire code, and Holler House could incur fines if they weren't removed.  Skowronski says the bras are a symbol of the fun-loving attitude at the tavern, and can't believe they'd be labeled a hazard, "The only was these bras would be dangerous is if someone was in them," Skowronski said.  

She got nowhere with her appeal to city hall, so Skowronski did what any woman having trouble over bras would do-- she called in more support.  Alderman Bob Donovan heard Skowronski's plea, strapped in for a fight, and called the media.  Then under an increasing inferno of scrutiny, DNS decided that burning bras are a subject best left in the 1960's.  Donovan repeated to us what DNS told him over the phone: "we looked into this, and we're going to rescind the order."     

Skowronski was thrilled to hear the news, and started planning a bra re-hanging party. 

Here's the full statement from DNS:

     Regarding the fire code violation for the women’s garments in the Holler bar, 2042 W. Lincoln Ave. staff reviewed the occupancy permit and determined the occupancy to be a lower number than 50. The actual number was rated at 25.  That per the International Fire Code regulations means that bar is classified as a business and not an assembly which would require the flame spread protection of wall coverings and decorative materials.  As a result, that  part of the order will be dismissed.

Art Dahlberg/Commissioner Department of Neighborhood Services





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