Thursday, October 23, 2014

Black Hawk Helicopter Crew Makes History
by Elizabeth Fay

WEST BEND-- They operate the chopper that is the first to respond to disaster and danger and for the first time, the Wisconsin National Guard Crew on board a Black Hawk  helicopter is made up of all females.  "It was great to be able to link up with these ladies and be able to take the aircraft for a spin," says Capt. Luella Dooley-Menet.

Capt. Dooley-Menet., Chief Warrant Officer Rachel Simeth and Sgt. Cassandra Weiss took the chopper for a 90 minute routine training flight. According to the Wisconsin National Guard, until now, the three West Bend aviation units have lacked the right combination of crew members to make up an all-female Black Hawk flight.  The women say they're encouraged to see more women taking on predominately male roles in the military.

"Women have been flying in the army since the 70s. There are these stages we see, considerations of change," says Capt. Dooley-Menet.,

"I see more female maintenance, more pilots. There are a lot more opportunities for them," says Sgt. Weiss.