EXCLUSIVE: Leader of support group attended by Ben Sebena talks



by Michele McCormack
by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- "He was more troubled than anyone realized," Ellen Klandrud told CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay Thursday.

Klandrud leads the Military Family Support Group at Elmbrook Church that accused murderer Ben Sebena attended with his wife Jen.

Klandrud got to know Sebena, a combat veteran who served in Iraq and joined the group when he was honorably discharged from the military in 2005.

She says he spoke about the challenges of adjusting to life back at home and healing from serious injuries from a mortar attack.

In their last meeting about a year and half ago, she recalls him saying that the wounds you can see are healed, the others are not.

"I think that he was referring to the fact that he was still very troubled by a number of things," Landrud explained. "He described symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome and just feeling like not being able to come back into civillian life."

Klandrud says Ben Sebena was well-liked and respected at the church.





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