UPDATE: Worker recovering after Hales Corners Fireworks Expolsion


by Brittany Baumann
by Lane Kimble

HALES CORNERS-- Police say a shell got stuck in a launch tube and exploded, injuring one worker at the fireworks show Thursday night.

"We thought it was just ground fireworks going on, but we couldn't hear anything until we started hearing the siren of the ambulance," one viewer told CBS-58 news.

Shawn Walczak launches professional fireworks and was watching this show.

"You're playing with dynamite, essentially, back there," Walczak said.  "It's not little firecrackers.  When they're not blowing up out there at the right distance, there's always jeopardy of someone getting injured."

That someone was a Bartolotta Fireworks employee.  Emergency crews took him to froedert hospital with a severely fractured ankle.  The company won't release his name, but they tell us he's doing OK.

"This is the first time we've ever had an accident like this," Hales Corners Police Detective Justin Landry said.

"There were groups breaking off, saying prayers for the injured person," Landry said.  "You know, it was really kind of touching."

Landry called the incident isolated and referred to Bartolotta Fireworks as "extreme professionals."

"(I'll) absolutely come back,  show support," Walczak said.  "And hopefully that crew gets to come back and redo it again and  everyone's ok at the end of the day."

The fireworks have been rescheduled for Tuesday night August 6th at dusk.  They'll be in Hales Corners Park and put on by Bartolotta's Fireworks.


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