Autistic Boy, 5, Strangled by Blind Chords


by Rielle Creighton

KENOSHA WI --- By the time Peggy Miller found her 5-year-old son Jonathan, it was already too late.

"It's just something you never even think of it's just a nightmare," said Miller.

Miller says she was away in another room doing housework for less than 15 minutes when she thought to go check on her son.

"I happened to look in my son's bedroom and found him hanging, (sighs), it was around his neck," she said.

Miller's son's lifeless body was dangling in the window, she says with the strings from his bedroom blinds loosely wrapped around his neck.

"It's just the last thing you think about, he was just an active boy and he got into trouble that was just him," she said.

Statistics show that a child is killed every two weeks in the United States in a blind chord related strangling, Miller says she hopes that her son's death will help make other parents more aware.

"They like to be active, they like to get into things, please just go around your home and check for safety hazards," she said.

Miller continues to care for her two autistic children as a single mother. If you would like to help the family a fund has been set up at :


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