Ashanti Mcalister found guilty in Evon Young murder case


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Ashanti Mcalister has been found guilty of First Degree Intentional Homicide for the murder of transgender rapper Evon Young. Mcalister is one of five men charged in the murder of Young.

According to the criminal complaint, Mcalister, Victor Stewart, Ron Allen, and Joseph Seaberry arrived at the residence Young and Billy Griffin shared on New Years Day. They all came to the residence, because Griffin believed Young conspired to have their residence burglarized. Victor Stewart is a high ranking member of the Black P-Stone gang, and Griffin's cousin.

Court documents say Mcalister pointed a gun at Young while the others beat and strangled Young. Mcalister also took part in beating Young. He also helped carry Young to the basement of the house where Young was killed. 

Griffin told police, Mcalister helped with the disposal of Young's body. Mcalister and Stewart told Griffin to tell people Young just left, and never returned. 

Young's body was never found.

Mcalister will be back in court for sentencing on August 12th. 


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