Are pets good holiday gifts?


by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- A 7-week-old pit bull is irresistible but is it the right gift for your family this holiday?

Amy Rowell with the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center says pets are okay at the holidays, as long as the entire family is involved in the adoption process. She does not recommend they are given as gifts to someone who does not know about it ahead of time.

"it tends to not end very well, so we encourage people to bring the whole family," said Rowell. That way, she and her adoption counselors can find the animal that is the best fit for everyone involved.

"What you think you may be looking for, might not be the right match," said Rowell.

If you really want to give something pet-related as a gift, Rowell recommends wrapping up animal toys, giving a gift certificate, or making a donation in someones honor to an animal rescue.

She says that even caged animals don't make good gifts because they are harder to take care of.

Rowell, Executive Director of the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, stopped by the CBS 58 Morning News with Jeffrey, a 7-week-old pit bull, who is in the center's foster program. He was found abandoned at 4-weeks old but Rowell says he has come a long way since he was rescued.

Watch the adorable video of his visit to CBS 58!


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