Thursday, October 23, 2014

Archbishop talks election of new pope
by Becky Mortensen
by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE --- The conclave to elect a new pope is set to begin the elaborate process on Tuesday.

It took almost a week to get everyone in place, but all 115 cardinals who will participate in the conclave are now in Rome.

When the conclave finally beings on Tuesday the cardinals will gather at the Vatican for Mass at St. Peter's Basilica. Then they'll go into the Sistine Chapel where the voting takes place in silent prayer. The cardinal who receives at least 77 votes will be the next pope.

CBS 58's Stephanie Brown sat down with Archbishop Jerome Listecki to talk about the upcoming election.

The Archbishop says that contrary to popular belief, many of the cardinals aren't as anxious as you might think to answer the call.

"Each cardinal has to look into their heart and say I'm casting a vote for the next pope who will lead and direct the church," Listecki explained.

The Archbishop regards the pope not only as the leader of Catholicism but in some respects the symbolic lead of Christianity. The cardinals have the ability to lead and connect, something Listecki says the world wants.

"I want a pastor that I can touch, I can claim for my own," Listecki said.

Listecki says the new pope will lead the church through new accusations of corruption in the Vatican and the ever looming child sexual abuse scandal. Listecki says the church is addressing the issue but doesn't believe the rest of society has really tackled the issue.

The cardinals all wish to have a new pope by Easter so they may all return to their own diocese.