Antonio Barbeau testifies in Nathan Paape trial


by Chris Patterson

SHEBOYGAN --- The Nathan Paape jury trial continues into its third day as the great-grandson and alleged accomplice Antonio Barbeau takes the stand. Both Paape and Barbeau are accused of killing 78-year-old Barbara Olsen using a hammer and a hatchet.

Barbeau told the court he used the hatchet, while Paape used the hammer in their attack on Olsen. Barbeau says he was the first one to hit his great-grandmother in the back of the head, and then Pappe joined in.

During his testimony, Barbeau said they each struck Olsen three to four times during their attack. He also told the court they tried to put his great-grandmother's body in a car truck, but were able to. Barbeau confessed to leaving Olsen's body in the garage, and covering it up with a blanket.

Yesterday, Department of Justice Special Agent Kenneth Smith testified that Paape wrote a note to him that read, "He killed his grandma, and I was with him."

Agent Smith says Paape cooperated with detectives, and guided them to evidence like bloody weapons.

Fond du Lac County Medical Examiner Dr. Doug Kelley also took the stand in day two of the Paape trial. He said, Barbara Olsen suffered more than 18 strikes to the head. "In examining the head, I felt there were at least 18 different injuries or blow. 11 of these have some evidence of blunt force and most of them also have evidence of blunt force."

Sheboygan Falls Police Office Nicole Schmelter showed the court evidence found at the scene of Olsen's death. The court was also shown surveillance video of the boys wearing the same clothes detectives collected from the scene.

During the first day of testimony the jury heard from Olsen's daughter, who found her body as well as Paape's mother.


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