Ann Romney One-on-One


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE---For Ann Romney it's not a matter of if she's needed it's that she needs to speak out about the man she calls her husband.

"I want to dispel the rumors put out there by the opposition," Romney told CBS 58 News after a rally at Marquette University on Thursday. "He really is a good guy who cares."

"You talk about the opposition," CBS 58 Anchor Michele McCormack countered. "But what about the critics from your own party?"

"People are always going to snipe," Romney replied.

Just minutes earlier, the mother and grandmother told several hundred supporters in the Old Gym at Marquette about the human side of her husband.

She shared the story about a neighborhood boy with leukemia who only trusted Mitt with his will and funeral and asked him to give the eulogy.

Later, in a sit down interview with McCormack, Romney would say critics who are harping on a controversial secret recording are looking to distract voters from the real issue which is the economy.

In the secret recording, Romney is heard saying that there are 47% of people who rely on government assistance who will always support Barack Obama.

Romney fired back with a new speech on the campaign trail saying he will fight for a better life for 100%.

The theme was echoed by his wife.

"Mitt will fight for the millions without jobs and the millions more waiting to see if their next paycheck is going to be there."

On the lighter side, she said running mate Paul Ryan and his wife Janna have infused new energy into the campaign.

"Mitt and I are getting a little tired," she laughed.

And it paid to have connections in Wisconsin.

When Janna fell ill, the congressman's sister-in-law stepped in with some of the introductions at the Marquette rally.


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