Alleged strip search victims react to officers charged


by Rielle Creighton


Terrance Griffin says it happened to him in front of everyone, he was stopped by police in the street and he says forced to pull down his pants.

"They went all in our pants and said spread your legs and feeling all on our private parts and stuff, I said this is bogus you know what I'm saying, I don't feel that’s what should be going on," said Griffin.

"I still think about it, even now and it hurts when I think about it," said Dwayne Butler.

Dwayne Butler told CBS 58's Rielle Creighton he was made to strip outside District 5 and assaulted by one officer, while others circled so no one could see.

"It was just one officer that went in my butt and grabbed it but it was a group of officers that surrounded him while he did it, made me pull my pants down and they went in my buttocks, I don't even think they had no gloves on and they grabbed what they grabbed from me.'

Butler admits an officer pulled cocaine from his rectum but says that doesn't matter now.

"They still violated me," he said.

Both men say there were many officers involved but it was Michael Vagnini who went too far.

Vagnini is now facing 25 charges ranging from sexual assault to performing illegal strip searches, many of them in plain view.

"We pointed, we targeted out here everywhere we go, I finally feel like it's justice," said Griffin.

Griffin and Butler say they're relieved someone is finally listening but what they want is to see these officers behind bars.

"If they not sent to prison, who is?" asked Griffin.

For Butler it's been more complicated.

"They took all my rights away from me, I don't feel better at all," he said


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