Alderman showing support for Flynn


by Becky Mortensen

MILWAUKEE---Both Alderman Donovan and Alderman Puente released statements Thursday expressing their support for Chief Flynn during this time of controversy.

Alderman Donovan's statement said in part, "There is one thing that's true in politics: One days you're a hero, and the next day you're a bum."

He also went on to question Mayor Barrett's distance from the Chief, saying his recent statements about him weren't supportive enough.

Also chiming in is Alderman Puente who says a few officers who behave inappropriately shouldn't shake the public's trust in every officer on the force.

"As a retired MPD Captain who spent nearly 28 years as a proud member of the Police Department, I can tell you that anyone who attempts to paint the entire force with a singular, negative brush is absolutely off-base and not in touch with reality."

Meanwhile, State Representative Leon Young says the Chief has to go. In his statement he named a few examples that he believes demonstrate how police have not been properly trained.

"The alleged incidents involving strip searches, the Derek Williams and Frank Jude Jr. incidents to name a few, took place without any accountability, which clearly undermines the public's trust."

CBS 58 sat down with Chief Flynn Wednesday to discuss the recent heat he and the Milwaukee Police Department have been facing.

The Chief did admit to some short comings in recent cases. However, he pledged to finish out his term as Chief and says he'll work to earn back to the public's trust.


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