Alderman Raising Never Before Heard Concern About Reinstated Officer


by Stephanie Brown
by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE---Alderman Joe Davis assembled the media Monday with one question regarding Officer Richard Schoen of the Milwaukee Police Department:

"Was there any concern with officer Schoen's mental health status by an officer or commander of the Milwaukee Police Department after the internal investigation was concluded?"

It's the first time somebody has publically brought up the mental health issue.

Schoen was originally fired by Police Chief Ed Flynn for punching a handcuffed female suspect.

He was then reinstated by a 2-1 vote of the fire and police commission with a 60 day suspension.

Dash cam video of the violent encounter enraged community activists.

Now the fire and police commission is taking a second look.

The commission will hear the case again on Tuesday.

Mike Crivello of the Milwaukee Police Association said he had never heard of the mental health issue before.

"We certainly heard Alderman Davis and his concerns," Crivello told CBS 58 News. "Davis is a credible individual so if he knows something that we dont know, we certainly are going to look into it."


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