Airline Ticket Scam Takes Off


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- The ongoing merger between American Airlines and U.S. Airways has many wondering what this means for travel deals.  And apparently, a scam has popped up you should be aware of just in time for spring break travels. 

American Airways has sent out a letter nationwide telling people to respond to
qualify for a prize of two round-trip airline tickets.  They're for anywhere in the U.S. with a value close to $1300.

What 's so interesting and timely perhaps is the actual name.  American Airways.  The name reflects the ongoing merger just announced between American Airlines and U.S. Airways. 

We reached out to the American Airways in the letter.  The company says it is legitimate and is not affiliated with an airline.  It says no free tickets are ever promised.  Processing fees and taxes have to be paid, adding up to hundreds of dollars in some cases.

CBS58 contacted the Better Business Bureau Thursday.  It says "don't be fooled.  This is a scam." The BBB goes on to say there are other red flags, including no return address on the letter along with a stamped envelope. 

The BBB tells us about one local couple who followed through with the letter.  They attended a presentation ending up being a high-pressure sales talk convincing them to buy a vacation package starting at $14,000.  They refused and said they just wanted the tickets promised in their letter.  We are told they received a certificate with a phone number to call.  The trip the couple thought was free wasn’t.  They were charged at least  $250 each.

Luckily though he Kenosha couple didn't fall for it in the end. The BBB says if you receive the letter, just throw it away.


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