Air traffic controller furloughs begin, flight delays could result


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- Several air traffic control towers will be down a person because of sequester cuts.  The FAA furloughed air traffic controllers to help save money, and it will lead to delays.

"My flight is delayed," Jenna Minor said.

Minor knew she'd be delayed.

"Every time I fly I have a delay."

She's flying to New York City.  Monday is the first day mandatory furloughs for air traffic controllers goes into effect.

"Air traffic controllers are probably important. That's my guess, not an expert," Minor said.

Air traffic controllers will miss one work day every other week to help the FAA save money.

However, experts say Congress can fix this.

"They could change the sequestration language specifically for the FAA," Former NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker said.   "To enable them to take money from other areas in the faa and apply it to the air traffic controllers."

Meanwhile, travelers think there are other ways to save money.

"Now is this the best way to do it, I don't believe so, however we got to start doing something," Eric Tomten said.

"I'm sure there's other things they could cut. But they always like to cut the important things," Patti Rodenkirch said.

"If one guy is doing the job of two, he can't pay as much attention as he used to," Scott Piche said.

The cuts won't affect Waukesha County Airport/Crites Field because its control towers aren't FAA run.


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