Advice for New Mom on Mother's Day


by Elizabeth Fay

New parents Huong Dang, 25, and Tuan Dinh, 32, cradle newborn Olivia Rose at Columbia St. Mary's Hospital in Milwaukee.They are excited to take home baby Olivia Rose on Mother's Day.

"There is nothing, nothing like experiencing first-time motherhood, especially on Mother's day. It's so great!" says Dang.

Dang says she's done her research on motherhood but knows she'll often rely on her maternal instinct.

"There's many things that you have to experience for yourself as a first time mom. I am excited about that but nervous as the same time!"

It's a feeling many new moms experience so to bring her some comfort we gathered words of wisdom from Milwaukee Area women who've been there. CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay has the story.


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