Accused teen killers: lawyer wants case in juvie court

CBS 58


by Vanessa Murphy

SHEBOYGAN --- Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape, both 13, are charged with homicide as adults.

The teens are accused of killing Barbeau's great-grandmother, 78-year-old Barbara Olson, on September 17th at her Sheboygan Falls home.

Police said the teens stole jewelry, along with loose change and Olson's car, and then went for pizza.

George Limbeck is representing Barbeau. He told CBS 58 that he wants the case moved to juvenile court, because he said the brain is not fully developed in teens. He believes judgement, decision making, and maturity are not at the same level as adults.

"Here we are dealing with a child who is only halfway to reaching the point where his brain has caught up to what we could expect of an adult and we're subjecting him to the adult criminal justice system and the life penalty in prison that that carries," Limbeck said.

Limbeck told CBS 58 he hopes that more people will think about the criminal justice system in Wisconsin regarding juveniles.

Both teens are in jail on bonds of $1,000,000. Their next court date is set for Tuesday.


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