Aaron Rodgers suprises MPS students


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE--300 Milwaukee Public School students experienced the surprise of a lifetime: a visit from NFL Star, Aaron Rodgers.

"I was so happy because he is so famous!" says Student Sir Lawrence Tender, 15.

The visit happened today at Milwaukee Area Technical College at an event called "Bank Your Future." Students spent all day learning how to prepare for the workforce. At the end of the event, they filed into the auditorium. Right before they expected to go home, out walked Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers spent about twenty minutes encouraging teens from the YMCA's Black Achievers and Sponsor the Scholar Programs.

He cautioned students about their digital footprint. He says before you post online, pause and review what you wrote.

"The 30 second rule, before you push that send on the Twitter. Once it's out there, it's out there. It's out there forever," says Rodgers.

He says surround yourself with positive people and make smart choices because your actions today will impact tomorrow.

"Whether it's an association you made, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, not taking care of your studies. Those can limit your opportunities down the line."

The teenagers got another surprise. Some of them won raffle prizes like iPads and computers.  

"This is something they could take that they might not have the opportunity for in their day to day lives to have to help them in their educational pursuits," said John Utz of Associated Bank.

MPS Student Lawrence Tender got luck. He didn't own a computer until he won one Saturday. He hopes to cure cancer someday and said that hearing from a football player have him motivation.

"He was a hard worker, just like me. I'm like wow a famous person has the same, similar qualities as me and stuff, never gave up," said Tender.

Rodgers also encouraged the teen to find a mentor or somebody who inspires them.

He said that growing up he looked up to Joe Montana and Michael Jordan.


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