AC Technicians Keep Busy During Heat Wave


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE-- Air conditioner technicians like Timothy Silva are keeping busy during this heat wave.

"We're just as hot getting everything fixed," said Silva, who is working long hours and battling the elements while repairing and replacing air conditioners in the Milwaukee area.

Silva says a lot of people are calling repair crews because they think their air conditioner is not working, but it is. That means customers are paying up for no reason.

"You can put down your air conditioning as low as you want but they're only designed to do so much so you may not be able to keep it down where you want it but they're only designed for at max a 20 degree difference," said Silva.

Silva also says the air conditioner won't be the only thing that will keep your house cool.

"Keep ceiling fans throughout the house just to keep air moving, keep the shades closed and barbeque if you can. Don't turn on the stove," said Silva.


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