A record setting rack?


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE---A Milwaukee man may have harvested a record setting buck.

The 2012 hunting season in Juneau County started out bleak for Robert Gramoll but on Saturday that all changed. With a single shot he harvested a 15 point typical white-tailed buck.

“You’ve got to be a good shot obviously but I always say it’s being in the right place at the right time,” he said.

Gramoll said he is still in shock he shot something so big. “He weighed 220lbs dressed, so I mean he’s pretty big.”

So far, the buck is on target to break the record in Juneau County and the official scorer explained to CBS 58 there’s a ‘real good chance’ it’s one of the top typical bucks ever harvested in Wisconsin.

“I love the outdoors, I love nature,” said Gramoll. “It’s about hunting with friends, quality time and the excitement. Just the chance and the opportunity to actually get something like this makes it all worthwhile.”

The height, width and symmetry of the antlers initially scored 184 5/8. There will be a final and official score done once the 60 day drying period is complete.


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