A Time of Thanksgiving


by Michele McCormack
by Britni McDonald

RACINE---Jane Steinhoff and about a dozen members of her family volunteered Thursday at "Dan and Ray's Rendering Thanks" event.

"I wanted our children to know that there is something bigger out there," Steinhoff told CBS 58. "Something bigger than themselves and that people of all walks of life need help at different points in their life and that's what we're here to do."

The Steinhoff family is part of more than 350 volunteers who make a community Thanksgiving dinner happen.

The idea came about three years ago because of Dan Johnson and Ray Stibeck.

They say they wanted a get together where it didn't matter who you were or how much money you make.

"Everybody's on the same playing field," the friends explained. "It's just a nice atmosphere to convey that feeling."

But not everybody who showed up was there just to eat.

Dale Decker handed over a $500 dollar check to keep the event going.


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