911 Calls from Wal-Mart Shooting Released

one man survived, UWM Student killed


by Michele McCormack

SHEBOYGAN-Authorities released the 911 calls that came in early Sunday morning when multiple shots were fired outside a Wal-Mart.

Yelling is heard in the background as bystanders call dispatch to report what happened and give the conditions of the two men who were hit.

"Where on his face was he shot?" The dispatcher asks.

"He was shot in the right cheek," the caller answers about one man then he turns to the second victim, "he was shot in the heart. He's dying right now."

The man who died has been identified as 20 year old Pheng Lee. Family members say he just went for a quick trip to pick up some chips and planned on watching a movie with friends.

Authorities have one person in custody. They say the shooter was known to the man who survived and he helped police track him down.

Formal charges were still pending as of Monday night.


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