Roommate expected to testify in Johnson death inquiry


by WDJT Staff

MILWAUKEE -- A patient at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex died of a broken neck and now his roommate could provide some insight into what happened.

Hearings in the John Doe investigation were held earlier this month. It appeared that all testimony was finished, but now Brandon Johnson's family attorney says a key witness will take the stand during Monday's continuation hearing.

The family's attorney requested Johnson's roommate testify as part of the investigation.

The District Attorney's office allowed it and the roommate is expected to testify on Monday.

The investigation will determine if charges should be filed in Johnson's death.

Officials say the 25-year-old died from complications of a broken neck last October, three days after he was admitted to the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex.

Police took him there on a report he was acting irrationally.

The District Attorney's decision is not expected for at least a month.




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