Ben Sebena pleads not guilty in murder of Officer Jen Sebena


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Ben Sebena, the man accused of killing his Wauwatosa police officer wife, entered a not guilty plea in Milwaukee County Court. At Ben Sebena's last appearance he was brought into court in a wheelchair wearing a suicide vest. The 30-year-old waived his right to challenge any evidence against him.

According to the complaint, Jen Sebena was summoned by dispatch around 4:24 a.m. Her squad car was found by Wauwatosa Police Officer Stahl with the use of a GPS device. Sebena's squad car was found at 1601 Underwood Ave. Officer Stahl found Sebena lying behind the Wauwatosa Fire Station around 4:30 a.m., and observed she suffered several gunshot wounds to the head.

The complaint goes on to say on December 26th, Ben admitted to detectives that he'd been stalking his wife for several days. He told detectives on December 24th, he waited for his wife at the Wauwatosa Fire Department for several hours. He confesses she began shooting Jen as she emerged from the fire department at the end of her break.

In the complaint, Ben told detectives it looked like she was reaching for her gun. He also said he took her gun from her, and shot her "three or four" times. He told police he wanted to make sure she was dead so she wouldn't suffer.

Ben Sebena will make his next court appearance on March 1st.



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