UPDATE: New Details on Woman Who Survived Jump From Hoan Bridge

27 year old was intoxicated and left suicide note


by MIchele McCormack

MILWAUKEE -- "Having done this a long time and seeing quite a few of these unfold, it really was a heroic act." And that's how Deputy Fire Chief Terry Lintonen describes the rescue efforts that happened late Monday in the waters below the Hoan Bridge.

It was around 10:52 p.m. Monday that sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a pedestrian on the Hoan Bridge near a vehicle with its hazard lights on.

The first deputies heard yelling but couldn't see anyone in the water below. That's when one deputy put a rope around his torso, climbed over the railing and looked over the edge where he could see a person clinging to the side of the channel. He reassured her that help was on the way.

Just last week the Milwaukee Fire Department Dive Rescue team had trained for this very scenario. Fast moving currents and weakening strength of the victim.

"Dive rescue did arrive within minutes of the call," the Deputy Fire Chief explained, "we located the victim but she was on the other side of the river itself. Immediately one of our divers jumped into the water, functioned as a rescue swimmer and held the person until we could get an inflatable boat into the water. A couple people got into the boat and they did make the rescue."

By that time paramedics were on the other side to immediately render aide, the 27 year old woman was complaining of neck and back pain.

The sheriff's office says she was intoxicated and will be charged with her second DUI.

Sadly a suicide note was found at the scene.

But perhaps this life altering experience may spark a change.

At least that's the hope of rescuers who literally put their lives on the line.

As Deputy Chief Lintonen put it, "Really, it's a testament to the resources the citizens of Milwaukee have with their dive team and the City of Milwaukee Fire Department."






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