6-year-old Boy Finds Bone Marrow Match


by WDJT Editor
by Sandra Torres

MILWAUKEE -- It took 211 days for 6-year-old Jake Larkin to get the bone marrow transplant he needed to survive.

Jake suffers from Aplastic Anemia, a rare blood disease.

On Friday, he finally got the bone marrow transplant-- a big relief for his parents who moved to Milwaukee from San Francisco to give their son the best treatment possible.

"When the nurses brought in the bag, she let each of us hold it for a moment before the transplant and Jake goes 'these are my bone batteries!' and handed them to the nurse," said Kimberly Cluff, Jake's mother.

The family doesn't know much about the donor. They know she's a woman, but by law, they have to wait a year to find out who she is and where she is from.

"It's just amazing that there's a person out there in the world that we don't know who saved our son," said Kimberly.

Getting the transplant was a big step, but Jake still has a long journey ahead. There's a possibility his body may reject the new cells, but the family remains hopeful.

The family says they will continue to ask people to become bone marrow donors so they too can save someone else's life.

"Jake is living proof that it works. A little healthy boy who wouldn't be here if people hadn't swabbed their cheeks," said Kimberly.


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