5 Possible Heat-Related Deaths in Milwaukee Co.


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE-- For Troy Thompson, it's hard to comprehend how his grandmother, 81-year-old Marie Jones, could have possibly passed away because of the heat.

"One of the smartest women I ever knew... so smart that she didn't even know her limits," said Thompson, referring to his grandmother.

Mrs. Jones was found laying in the brushes near her garage in the 5800 block of West Keefe Avenue on Friday afternoon. According to the Medical Examiner report, she was found, with her car keys in hand, and a few grocery bags nearby.

An hour later, she was pronounced dead. Her body temperature was 108, according to the Medical Examiner's office.

Mrs. Jones was one of five people who died last Friday, presumably due to the extreme heat, according to the Medical Examiner's office.

Reports indicate all of the victims were found with very high body temperatures, but further tests are needed to confirm that heat was the main factor.

If these suspected cases turn out to be heat related, then that would mean at least nine people died across the state since the record heat wave began.


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