Second student comes forward in Messmer High School sex assault investigation


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE --Police confirmed Wednesday night that they are now investigating a second allegation of sex assault against  Messmer High School Teacher Megan Garland. The student to make the latest allegations is 15-years-old.

Earlier this week, Garland was charged with second degree sex assault of a child for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old student in the parking lot of another Milwaukee high school.

According to the criminal complaint, an adult saw a parked car in the Destiny High School parking lot with fogged windows. The adult opened up the door to the car, and found the teen and Garland allegedly engaged in sexual acts.

Both Garland and the teen were detained in the office of Destiny High School as police were called to the school. The 14-year-old boy did admit to engaging in sexual acts with Garland.

Milwaukee police say Garland attempted to commit suicide after being found out, and was treated for her injuries. She has been released, and is in police custody.

If convicted on sexual assault charges related to just the 14-year-old student, Garland faces up to 40 years in prison. Garland has yet to be officially charged for the allegations made by the 15-year-old student.



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